Boxing Ring Platform

Boxing Ring 24' x 24' is made by six tables of 12' x 8', having the following details:-

  • Size 24ft. x 24ft. from corner poles i.e. total area.
  • Size 20ft. x 20ft. from rope to rope i.e. playing area.
  • Height of ring 1 mt. from ground level.
  • Four ropes of 3.5” covered with synthetic cover in white, blue and red color or PVC white pipe.
  • Corner poles made of 4” pipe in white, blue and red color.
  • Wooden planks are used on the top of six tables. These planks make level of the floor equal & nice.
  • Total wooden floor covers with 3/4” (EP) Expended Polythene foam. Then this foam is covered with canvas cover.
  • Four protection corner padding are used to cover corner poles.
  • All four corner poles are attached with cross link tensioned wires with coupling tighter with each other diagonally.
  • Funnel, tube, three stairs, basket etc are given with other accessories ring.